The Morales Family in Takoma Park, Maryland

Lifestyle Photography

When I look back on this family photo session, three words come to mind: adventure, love, and laughter. In other words, it defines what I love most about family photo sessions. The kiddos had so much fun climbing trees and rocks. The smiles on all of their faces when around each other were contagious. The laughter filled the air and it comes to life in these photos.

The sweet snuggles, the cute tickles, the fun screams … the entire session was filled with so many unforgettable moments. As a photographer, I want to capture the incredible personalities, beautiful smiles, cute snuggles, fun laughter, tight hugs, and all of the other elements that you love about your family. As a mom of two, I get it. Family photo sessions can be stressful … but they don’t have to be. Playing with sticks, finding flowers, creating games, capturing sweet hugs, encouraging tickle fests, and bringing out the giggles that you’ll want to remember forever are just some of my favorite things about lifestyle family photo sessions.

This family let loose, enjoyed a great adventure, and went with the flow. They were just the cutest individually and with each other. Please say a warm “hello” to the Morales family and prepare to smile as you look through their photos taken in Takoma Park, Maryland.




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