The Jones Family in Frederick, Maryland

Lifestyle Photography

My heart smiles thinking back to this sweet extended family session. When one of the sons reached out to me and said that his mom wanted to have nice family portraits done for her birthday, I was all about it. Why? Not only was I excited to meet another family, but I also loved how much this family valued the importance of family photos.

Family photos serve as moments frozen in time. Family photos serve as time capsules. Family photos serve as heirlooms.

Even though the weather was super chilly and it can be tricky to find a date and time that works for everyone, especially in an extended family photo session, the photo session was and always will be so worth it. The amount of love this family shared was incredible to witness and photograph. The amount of love they have for the littlest girl in the family warmed my heart. The amount of love captured in photographs is one of the reasons I love what I do.

There’s just something so incredibly special about capturing and photographing love and genuine moments, especially during the Jones family photo session in Frederick, Maryland. I love that this sweet family gets to cherish these photographs forever.




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