The Lang Family in Frederick

Family Photography

As a mom of two, I get it. Family photo sessions can be stressful … but they don’t have to be. Playing with sticks, finding flowers, creating games, capturing sweet hugs, encouraging tickle fests, and bringing out the giggles that you’ll want to remember forever are just some of my favorite things about lifestyle photo sessions. This family photo session was all of that and then some. It was the total package of love, joy, and laughter.

Looking back at the session, I can’t help but smile. The sweet mama was so full of love, the dad was a team player as he brought out the smiles, and the cute kiddos each had a unique personality that was so fun to photograph. From finding the biggest leaves to being thrown in the air, from tickling to giggling, from singing the shark song to wanting to crawl, I had the pleasure of meeting the sweet family at one of my favorite locations and captured so many joyful moments. I left the photo session feeling like I had known them forever. Simply put, this photo session encompassed everything I love about family photography.

And best of all?  Their smiles sure are contagious.




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