The Gregory Family in Frederick

Family Photography

The new baby smell, the tiny toes, the small fingers, the sweet sounds—there’s nothing better than welcoming a baby into a family. Ask most parents and they will say that the time with a child flies by. The new baby moments are filled with wonder, amazement, awe, excitement, exhaustion, and endless amounts of love. One minute you’re snuggling with your baby and the next moment you’re cheering your baby on as milestones are achieved.

During this photo session, I loved chatting with the parents about the different baby stages they have gone through with their sweet baby girl who was only a few months old at the time. The mama couldn’t believe how quickly the time was flying by. Because the baby moments only last for so long, I couldn’t have been happier to capture their family during this incredible chapter in their life.

The love that they have for their baby girl was amazing to witness and photograph. Their cuddly, snuggly moments were were with so much love. Congratulations on such a cute bundle of joy.




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