The Hong Family at Rawlings Conservatory

Family Photography

When this sweet mama reached out to me for a family photo session, I couldn’t wait until the day of their photo session. Without going into a huge amount of details, this family holds a special place in my heart. They were there for us as we decided to start a new chapter and have a family. They were there for us when we had issues trying to get pregnant. They were there for us as we grew into a family of three and then four. And, I couldn’t wait to be there for them as I photographed their new family of three.

Not only was I able to capture special moments between the new family, but also moments between the sweet mama’s brother’s family, as well as moments with the grandma and grandkids. There’s nothing like a family session in a botanical garden to bring out all sorts of smiles and candid moments.

One of my favorite parts of the photo session at Rawlings Conservatory was when I was told that grandma loved orchids. We found the orchid area of the conservatory and I stood back as she lovingly gazed at the orchids and took in all of their beauty. The warm light, the gorgeous orchids, the unbelievable dress, and the beautiful grandma … talk about a magical moment.

Here’s a sneak peek at the Hong Family photo session in Baltimore, Maryland.




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