The McDougald Family at Jones Point Park

Family Photography

This photo session is one that I will never forget. First of all, hello cute family. Oh my word. Second of all … where do I begin? The weather was freezing. The wind was blowing. The early morning sun quickly went from warm light to bright light. We might’ve encountered a ghost. Oh, and there was a random dog (make that two random dogs at one point) that decided to hop into the photo session. From getting almost blown away to battling the chill to shying away from ghosts to shooing away dogs, the photo session was pretty epic. And, at the end, we couldn’t help but laugh at everything that happened during the time we spent together. I seriously love this family.

But, I must say, with all of that happened, this cute family toughed it out and I can’t help but look through their photos and smile. The sweet mama wanted the photo session to capture the love they had for their little man. There’s nothing like snuggles and laughter to keep you warm during a chilly photo session.

I met this mama during a wedding that I photographed. While we were in the bridal sweet, she mentioned that she was interested in getting family photos taken during the fall. A few months later, she reached out to me and I couldn’t wait to get her photo session on my calendar. She was so incredibly nice during the wedding and I knew that her photo session would be filled with so many cute moments.

Here’s a sneak peek of the mini photo session with the McDougald family in Alexandria, Virginia.




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