The Callura Family at Harper’s Ferry

Family Photography

When this sweet mama mentioned that her family loved mountains, I knew that this photo session was going to be full of all sorts of adventure. I, too, cannot get enough of the mountains so I knew that we had to find the perfect location for their mini photo session. I had a few locations in mind, but nothing that truly had me sold … until one day I said, “I’m going to throw something out there and you can totally knock it down … Would you be open to having the photo session at Harper’s Ferry? The water and mountains … so beautiful!” The mama’s reaction immediately sold me.

Our family loves Harper’s Ferry. We go there all the time and it’s the perfect place for photography. You’re combining our two favorite things: trains and mountains. I know we can get something beautiful there and it is a meaningful place for us.

Later, I found out that they got engaged and married in the mountains and their son’s name is Monty from Beaumont which means “Beautiful Mountain.” She was so thrilled with Harper’s Ferry because they have spent so much time in the location and, between the mountains and trains, we knew that it would capture this special time in their lives.

From watching the son’s excitement as the train went by to surprising him with a train toy, from seeing the love and joy that the family has to cheering them on during their impromptu baseball game, from sneaking marshmallows to picking flowers and sticks … this family’s photo session was so incredibly fun and memorable. I could tell they felt at home in the mountains surrounded by train tracks. I’m so thankful they asked me to capture such a special chapter in their lives.

Here’s a sneak peek of the mini photo session with the Callura family in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia.




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