The Sgouveakos Family at Sugarloaf Mountain

Family Photography

One of my favorite things about photo sessions is getting to not only meet people, but also to learn about the different personalities each family member has. And, I must say, the sweet Sgouveakos family did not disappoint. Each member in this family had a unique personality that made the entire session so fun and adventurous. Although the evening was unseasonably warm and we were all craving air conditioning and ice cream, I loved every minute of this family’s photo session because of the sweet moments.

When discussing photo locations with the mom, I mentioned meeting the family at the top of a nearby mountain. That idea piqued her interest and, after deciding on the location, I was so excited for the adventure to begin. Their three kiddos loved climbing the rocks, looking over the cliffs, finding leaves, and running from site to site. At the end of the session, we ventured to the bottom of the mountain to explore a beautiful tree-lined road and field.

The mama was so full of love for her kiddos. The dad was fun-loving as he danced behind me to get the kiddos to smile. The son was so adventurous as he jumped and climbed from rock to rock. The one daughter was cuddly while the other daughter was found climbing and exploring everything in sight. The mountain was a perfect match for this loving, fun, adventurous family. I had so much fun getting to know the Sgouveakos family.

Here’s a sneak peek at the Sgouveakos family photo session in Frederick, Maryland.




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