The Egan Family in Frederick, Maryland

Family Photography

A few Sundays ago, the weather finally started to show signs of fall. The morning was crisp, the clouds were hovering, and the temperature definitely called for sweaters. As I headed out for the photo session that morning, I couldn’t help but be excited to welcome the fall weather. I met the Egan family at one of my favorite fall locations in the Frederick area. Even though a lot of the leaves hadn’t started to change just yet, the tones had fall written all over them—from the cornstalks to a few leaves here and there that were starting to turn yellow.

After arriving at the location, I sipped my coffee while I walked the location to see what spots would be perfect for the photo session. Even though I’ve been here many times in the past, I feel like every time I arrive, the whole look and feel of the location is different which leaves me feeling pleasantly surprised each and every time.

When the Egan family arrived, their clothing seemed to match the tone of the location. From the grays to the greens to the yellows … the location and family were a perfect match. Prior to the photo session, the sweet mama gave me a kind warning that her son loved the camera … and boy did he ever! From his silly faces to his poses, I couldn’t help but smile. Their baby girl was just beginning to stand. Watching her family help her stand was just the cutest.

I had such a great time getting to know the Egan family. Here’s a sneak peek at their mini photo session.




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