The Benna, Austin-Miller, & Miller Families

Family Photography

Last fall, I had the pleasure of meeting the Benna kids and their sweet mama. When she reached out to me and asked me to photograph all of the cousins, along with the grandparents, I couldn’t wait to schedule the family photo session. With ages ranging from eight years old to six months old, I knew that the session was going to be filled with a ton of cuteness … and boy was it. The children were so fun, the sweet mamas of the children were so helpful and kind, and the grandparents, well, you can see it all over their faces in these photos … they were so full of love.

From throwing rocks into the river to giving each other kisses, these cousins have such a close, fun bond that I loved capturing. Watching the grandparents be surrounded by their grandchildren was something so special. One of my favorite moments was when I looked up to see the grandchildren peeking out of the window in the covered bridge (with parental supervision, of course). Another favorite moment was at the end of the photo session when the grandma lifted up the youngest child and covered him kisses. There was a whole lotta love and sweetness throughout the hour we spent together.

The family photo session was fun, sweet, and memorable. Without further ado, here’s a sneak peek at this family’s photos.




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