Sugarloaf Mountain Adventure

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All of the rain we’ve been having lately has made me feel a bit cabin feverish. With two toddlers at home (one of whom recently switched to one nap a day), I’ve been slowly running out of fun things to do inside our home as we hide out from the rainfall. Thankfully, we’ve received pockets of sunshine here and there and we’ve made the most of it as we spend as much time as possible outside.

Being a stay-at-home and work-at-home mom coupled with the record setting rain that we’ve received had me wanting to go on an adventure with our kiddos. I asked my son if he was ready to go on an exploration and he shouted, “Yes!” So, we packed some snacks, rain boots, and an umbrella and set off even though there was rain in the forecast. Rain or shine (or clouds), we were going to discover a new place in our area.

Our adventure took us along a lot of back roads that curved, turned, took us by deer, made us drive through a ton of forest land on a narrow road, and had my son saying a few times, “Mama, I’m scared.” I told him that we had to be brave on our adventure. At the end of the long road, we found a clearing that had a beautiful road lined with trees. Along the road, we passed the entrance to Sugarloaf Mountain.

After turning left, we found ourselves winding through even more twists and turns as we made our way up the mountain. We knew we arrived at the top of the mountain when we looked to our right and saw land really far below in the distance. I parked the truck and we got out to explore.

Before our little adventure, I knew Maryland was absolutely beautiful, especially the Frederick area. But, after what we saw during our exploration, I couldn’t help but fall in love with Maryland all over again.

Here are some of the photos that I took during our Sugarloaf Mountain Adventure in Frederick, Maryland. The kids had so much fun taking in the views, climbing on the rocks (don’t worry, even though some of the photos make it seem like they were right on the edge, they were not … they were completely safe), finding sticks, and enjoying a snack at the picnic tables. Speaking of the tables, I can’t wait to bring my husband here so that we can enjoy a picnic dinner with our kiddos as we take in the breathtaking views.

“Mama, it’s so beautiful!”





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