The Kefauver Family at Home in Frederick

Family Photography

When I received an email from this sweet mama asking for a spring mini session, I couldn’t wait to see this family again. We had such a fun mini session last fall with their cute girls and I looked forward to getting the whole family in front of my camera, especially during the beautiful springtime.

They recently moved into their home and the mama explained that their landscaping had backdrops that would be perfect for a spring photo session. After arriving at their home, I immediately fell in love with everything I saw. We walked around their backyard and front yard as I photographed them as a family, as well as their kids being kids. From picking bark off of a tree to throwing flowers in the air to finding a pink golf ball, it was a great springtime evening full of adventure.

At one point, I could tell that their oldest daughter wanted to be a toddler and do everything opposite of what I had in mind. Having a toddler of my own and a baby girl who is very independent, I knew I had to think of a trick to get her attention. I noticed that she became very intrigued by my camera. So, I invited her to take some photos of her own using my camera. She fell in love with my camera and kept wanting to take her own photos. The flower photo near the end of the post was taken by their oldest girl. I think they have a photographer in the making!

It was such a treat seeing this family again, especially at their home and in their own element. Here’s a sneak peek at the family photo session with the sweet Kefauver family.




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