Isla’s First Birthday Cake Smash

Personal Stories

Over the past few weeks, friends and family have mentioned that my sweet baby girl “will be turning one soon.” My response has been, “Don’t make me cry.” And now, they day is here and this mama bear is trying to keep it together. My sweet baby girl will be surrounded by family and friends as she celebrates her first birthday today.

As they say, time certainly does fly, especially with the second child. She flew into this world at record speed and has continued to soar at her own pace and amaze us each and every day. She has a smile that can light up a room, a laugh that is incredibly contagious, and a demeanor that is so ridiculously chill. She’s just so darn cool and the definition of an “easy baby.” I feel proud, blessed, and honored that she is my daughter.

I never pictured having a daughter. Now that she’s in my life, I can’t picture life without her. She completes our family and fills my heart completely. When the doctor told us that the baby was a girl after she arrived, tears of joy streamed down my face. After an incredible year of getting to know her and now reminiscing over the amazing memories shared with my gal pal over the past year, tears of joy are streaming down my face again. I struck gold with this cutie pie.

Happy first birthday, gal pal. Mama loves you so much.




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