An Evening at the Pumpkin Patch

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To say that our son loves the month of October would be an understatement. And because the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, my husband and I have been happily filling the month with all sorts of fun fall activities.

Ever since he saw pumpkins at our local grocery store, he hasn’t stopped talking about how he couldn’t wait to pick out a big pumpkin. After weeks of talking about his dream pumpkin, we finally ventured out to a pumpkin patch. Gaver Farm is one of our favorite spots in Frederick, Maryland because it is family-friendly and they always have such an amazing selection.

After feeding the goats and having endless conversations with them, our son was ready to walk to the pumpkin patch to find his big pumpkin. He ran down the hill full of excitement and then walked up and down the pumpkin patch as he tried to locate the perfect pumpkin. Meanwhile, our daughter enjoyed her first experience at a pumpkin patch by crawling around the pumpkins, feeling the prickly stems, and playing with the weeds.

The sprinkling rain was coming down, the sky was getting darker, the temperature was getting colder, and yet there was our son … up and down and up and down and up and down he went through the pumpkin patch. Some pumpkins were too small, other pumpkins were just not right … and then he found it. I told him the pumpkin was absolutely perfect. He hugged his pumpkin, planted a big kiss on it, and then tried to lift it into the wheelbarrow.

After finding the perfect pumpkin, we celebrated with apple cider doughnuts. My husband and I love fall and we love that our son loves it just as much as we do.




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